Wholesale wedding dresses from the manufacturer

To buy wholesale wedding dresses from TM Semida sposa in Russia

When creating dresses, the designers of Semida Sposa follow European fashion trends and honor the long-standing traditions of the brand. Each model amazes with its originality and refinement, because its style, material and decorations are thought through to the smallest detail. In each collection you will find a wide variety of colors and styles, because every girl has her own unique idea of beauty.

All Semida Sposa dresses are made by hand, which guarantees high quality and reliability of products. We choose expensive materials, fittings and original French lace, because only in this way you can create really high-quality and beautiful dresses. We do not use glue, but sew all the details to the dress to ensure the bride's confidence and comfort.

We use innovative technologies and the latest developments, which makes the process of making dresses simple and reliable, and also virtually eliminates the possibility of marriage. This allows us to sew off large lots in a short time, so as not to force our customers to wait.

Our team of professionals consists of talented designers, skilled seamstresses, painstaking cutters, creative beauties, attentive managers and responsible technologists. They all work together to create the best dresses and fulfill the cherished dreams of cute girls.

Our company has a very loyal price policy, because we understand perfectly how important it is for small and medium-sized business owners. We offer affordable prices from the manufacturer, which will surely please you and your customers. Also, we often hold promotions and discounts, so stay tuned for news.

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