Top 5 Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Top 5 Wedding Dress Silhouettes

It's so beautiful outside! Spring is coming... And all thoughts (as one popular song says) are about him, only about him... Besides, a wedding ring is a joy to the eye. Yes, my dear, time to get married! Let's start with a wedding dress. What is on trend now? What are current tendencies? Let's find out the top 5 wedding dress silhouettes popular now.

Ball gown

ball gown wedding dress

full dress has always been one of the most popular silhouettes. Perhaps this is due to the childhood dream of every girl: turn into a real princess. Marriage ceremony is the best opportunity to make this wish come true. What is a full a la princess dress? Whom suits this style and who should better look for other options? &nbsp&nbspA la princess dress consists of a corset-type bodice and a puffy multi-layered skirt volumized by a petticoat or lining. The main advantage of this style is the possibility of shaping a bride's figure: a corset emphasizes a thin waist, while a puffy skirt hides too wide or too narrow hips. Full dress will suit average and tall girls; you only need to correctly select the details of top to hide imperfections of your figure. For example, a V-neck visually elongates the overall silhouette, an open back adds graciousness. Full dress with sleeves can cover problem arms, sleeveless dress provides lightness and airiness. But this silhouette does not suit small or plus size girls – it makes them look disproportionate, shapeless and undersized. Image of a real fairy princess can be created using a satin full dress, which, if desired, can be complemented by a train.

Straight cut wedding dress

straight cut wedding dress

which is also called a sheath dress, is very popular now. This silhouette has a classic smooth cut along the entire length, vertical seams and lacks a horizontal cut line, which helps the owner of such a wedding dress to look taller and slimmer. Sheath dress is a universal design dress – it can beautify a bride with any body shape, especially if you choose properly. For example, a plus size lady preferring a straight silhouette needs to pay attention to the fact that the dress waistline must be slightly loose. Also, they are advised to choose V-neckline and covered openwork sleeves. Despite the seeming simplicity of lines, a sheath dress looks very delicate and elegant, especially if it is made, for example, of lace. The advantage of this laconic silhouette is that it is the most suitable background for large or designer jewelry, which do not overload the overall image of a bride wearing such dress.

A-line wedding dress

a line wedding dress

differs from other silhouettes, it has a fitted top and a flared skirt. Whatever fabric this dress is made of (lace, satin, silk, mikado, etc.), it always looks delicate and elegant. This classic silhouette is universal, that is why it can be a perfect choice for any type of figure. It can add volume to skinny girls, or make plus size ladies look slimmer, it can transform disproportionate figure and make it harmonious. This silhouette is a clean sheet of paper for designers' imagination, so modern A-line models are able to impress us with a variety of details and a variety of decoration, and with their colors, too. A-line dresses of ivory, cappuccino, and pink blush colors are becoming more and more popular; girls with tanned skin look particularly impressive on their background. Various of front and back neckline styles, different design of sleeves or their absence, combination of different fabrics and elements of decoration – there is a plenty of A-line dresses to choose from. The most important thing is to take a correct view of your figure, and then you can easily hide imperfections and emphasize the best features your figure has.

Mermaid or fish silhouette

mermaid or fish silhouette

is a tight fitting dress which sharply or smoothly (godet dress) flares from the knees down. When choosing this dress, take into account that this silhouette is not universal because it outlines the figure and, therefore, is recommended only to girls with perfect body shape. If a bride is too fragile and slim for this silhouette, a textured fabric may be a solution. Advantage of mermaid dresses is that for now a wide model range is available: with open back, neckline, on shoulder straps, with and without sleeves, with various fabrics and trimming combinations. A dress of this silhouette, depending on details it has, can create both an innocent and modest, and, conversely, a bold and sexy image. Mermaid silhouette is often complemented by a train of different length, which serves as a final touch to the overall image. It is very important to choose the right dress size, because a smaller dress makes it difficult to move, and even a half larger dress can lose all its charm and beauty.

Fit and Flare wedding dress

fit and flare wedding dress

One of the most fashionable wedding dress silhouettes is Fit-and-Flare, that is, a completely fitting silhouette with a flared bottom. Generally speaking, this silhouette is very similar to mermaid silhouette, which is fitted and knee-flared. But that is how the silhouettes can be distinguished: in Fit-and-Flare dress flare begins mid-thigh, just below its widest part. One would think: what's the difference? And there is the difference. This small detail visually lengthens the silhouette of a bride even more, and most importantly – adds incredible brightness and courage to an image, making it very trendy and avant-garde. The cut and style can be very different: it can feature a full skirt, an A-line silhouette, and even a sheath dress. It can also feature a fitting dress with lace sleeves and a train. If such dress is complemented by an a la princess skirt, it can be much longer and sexier, if it is combined with an A-line silhouette, it can have tight hip fit instead of smooth transition to a skirt, and if combined with a sheath dress, there can be an incredibly exciting slit up to the mid-thigh. It is because Fit-and-Flare silhouette has not a cherry, but a pepper on top, the seemingly familiar silhouette gets new features – elegant, bold, bright and erotic.